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130709_washashore_fleetmoves_whitneybrowne-4377 Whitney Browne

Washashore was created during Fleet Moves Dance Festival at White Crest Beach. Using movement as a mode of inquiry, we researched generations of activity on the dunes—bodies searching, embracing, and slipping, and waiting—and layered the results together. Unfolding somewhere between timelessness … Continue reading

Four Mile

Still_from_Four_Mile_Katie Zena Bibler

Wide expanses of cement, sky, and sand hold histories of the figures that traverse them. Created in collaboration with Katie Schetlick in Wellfleet, MA, 2013. Part of Dances Made to Order Edition #25. Screened at Outlet Dance Festival (2013) and Festival International … Continue reading

18th + Movement Party

01_sea © 2012 zena. All rights reserved.

Eighteenth +  Movement Party is a digital flip-book created from a collaboration between The Eighteenth NYC and the Movement Party in Wellfleet, MA. Visit the Flip-book Designs by Alexa Galler and The Eighteenth NYC, composition and choreography by the Movement … Continue reading

B Sides

575376_406245496104326_511230680_n Alex Escalante

B sides, a performance project of the Movement Party, seeks both to hide what is obvious and to render visible what is hidden. As a playlist of alternatives, it is a series of performances in which each dance is impossible without … Continue reading


irene_still_08_crop © 2011 zena. All rights reserved.

Fallen limbs, gray skies, hushed whispers, silent houses. A dance for the winds left behind. This film is part of a series of site specific films that aims to capture something from a particular place without much premeditation or planning. Screened … Continue reading