six somewheres

How can the senses (and how they are used) serve as the basic choreographic framework for a dance?

I keep coming back to this question.

six somewheres uses noticing as the starting point for dancing—what we pay attention to affects how we respond with movement. Made for homeLA, this dance temporarily inhabits a series of “non-places” (the driveway, the walkway, the garbage dump, the carport)—places to be passed through rather than destinations in their own right. Instead of allowing these places to drift into unnoticeability, the dancers cultivate ways around the mental filter that simplifies and streamlines experience, designating some locations as “places” and some as empty. The perceptual state stirred up in six somewheres is the opposite of “moving right along” and, when successful, doesn’t skip over any details. All information is relevant and useful.

Performed at homeLA Larchmont: The Way Light Moves Through.

Images: Andrew Mandinach