versus verses

Versus Verses is created from a series of interchangeable scores, solicited via email from friends, family, and collaborators. The scores are selected at random by the audience and placed within a pre-set structure for performance. What gives a dance its “thing-ness”? Inspired by the impossibility of repeating any one experience exactly, Versus Verses pairs a solid structure with fluid material and is performed by navigation rather than recall. Surrendering immediately the project to repeat or preserve a specific dance, Versus Verses is instead a network of possible dances that come to into being through the interworking of community, desire, and chance.

Above video is rehearsal footage.

Scores used:

1. Have one leg bent and one leg straight at all times (ZB)

2. Include everything in the room in your dance (DH)

3. Have a heavy head but wild arms (KC)

4. standing, stumble, duck down, jump down, fold, carry, crumble, running, cut, change, haul, fell down, throw, walked, pulled down, threw, ran, hopped, leap, shook, ran, returned, vanished, stand, (MR 1/14/2014)

5. “The soft jingle of the charm bracelet” (RB 1/14/2014)

6. What if resting?–every movement, every level, every amount of energy, every attitude can rejuvenate me, can be pure and easy/resting (LW via HVDK 1/14/2014)