…and We Will Have Danced Together (Lublin)

I’ll Dance While You’re Dancing and We Will Have Danced Together, can best be summed up as a nonlinear game of (dance video) telephone. Using handheld technology, participating performers respond to each other’s movements across time and space. Each performer is instructed to create an instant composition in response to the particularities of their own location and subjective experience, filming resonant elements to share with other performers. As video accumulates, performers are invited to respond to the contributions of others, tracking the flow of inspiration and the manner in which ideas get taken up, transported, developed, and recycled.

…and We Will Have Danced Together was presented at the 2013 International Dance Theatres Festival in Lublin, Poland and adapted for the 2014 Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in Cairo, Egypt and Fleet Moves Dance Festival. Presented in partnership with CulturehubThe Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, and Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival – Cairo.

Photography: Maciej Rukasz